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Popular News
Chevy Bolt EV outsells the Volt plug-in for two months straight - Roadshow
The gap is likely to grow now that the Bolt EV is available nationwide.

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Alexa was everywhere at Europe's biggest tech show (The 3:59, EP. 278) - CNET
Amazon's digital assistant showed up in lots of products at IFA 2017. Also, we talk about AI's ability to protect us and spark World War III.

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Lenovo settles over Superfish adware, will pay $3.5 million - CNET
The adware created security holes in Lenovo laptops, leaving users potentially vulnerable to attacks.

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Apple working on fix for iPhone 8 'crackling' sound issue - CNET
Some iPhone 8 users have reported experiencing a disruptive sound during phone calls, according to The Verge.

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Goodbye, home button? Get ready for iPhone's biggest change - CNET
It may sound impossible to imagine an iPhone without a home button. But in some ways, Apple has been preparing users for this eventuality for years.

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Google's Pixel 2 reportedly won't get a new processor surprise - CNET
The rumor that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL could come with a Snapdragon 836 chip is now under attack.

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Apple, Google, Facebook and more speak out on DACA - CNET
Silicon Valley¬ once again is speaking out against President Donald Trump, this time over his plan to end the popular but controversial "Dreamers" program.

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Zuckerberg defends Facebook after Trump takes a swipe - CNET
The CEO also said he regrets calling the idea that Facebook influenced the election "pretty crazy."

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Amazon has an army of new Echo devices coming your way (The 3:59, Ep. 290) - CNET
Introducing the new Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and many, many others. Try to keep up.

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Just look at all of Amazon's new Alexa devices - CNET
Amazon unloaded several brand-new Alexa gadgets and announcements today in Seattle -- here's a look at what's new.

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